What makes a great copywriter? 

Well firstly it’s a thirst for information. My clients will tell you that I love to talk. I want to discover everything about you, your business and what makes it tick. When it comes to copywriting, knowledge is power.

It’s also the ability to form great relationships – being able to easily connect with you and understand your needs. I am an outstanding communicator and listener. My end goal is to become part of your team.

Then there’s the ability to interpret a brief – or gain the brief I need. Some clients know what they want, but don’t quite know how to explain it. I know how to ask the right questions to draw this information from you. I call it ‘getting inside your head’.

It’s also crucial to get the whole story. As a copywriter and Storyteller, I regularly conduct interviews. While I can’t claim any formal journalistic training, I instinctively know the right questions to ask.

Let’s not forget creativity. Anyone can write – but making words come to life and truly connect, engage or influence is another matter entirely. A creative interpretation, a twist on a theme, a different angle, asking a question no one else has thought about – this is what good copywriting is all about.

Brevity is important too. Great copywriting is about saying what needs to be said – without the fluff. I don’t waste words.

A communications, marketing or PR background neatly rounds out a copywriter’s service offering. My experience in agency and in-house roles – developing campaigns, finding media opportunities and implementing strategies to connect with clients and customers – is invaluable.

Finally, it’s about a genuine passion for writing. It’s who I am and what I love to do – and I think this shines through in whatever I write. (In fact, the four words ‘l love to write’ once scored me a full-time job on the spot.)