A desk, a diary and a happy dance

I find it fascinating that some memories remain crystal clear while others fade away, returning only when prompted by a familiar aroma, a few bars of a song, a comment from a family member or maybe a familiar landmark. For me, US Independence Day on 4 July is a day of crystal clear memories. It was the first day I was officially in business.

I had a desk in the spare room, a diary and a design for a business card. I remember exactly what I did; who I met for my first coffee meeting and the client I worked for that day.  But the most vivid and hilarious memory is of dancing around my living room with sheer abandon to M People’s Movin’ on Up because I had DONE it.

Years earlier, in my first ‘proper’ job out of uni, with a suffocating, controlling boss, this song became my personal ‘escape anthem’. On that Independence Day, it reminded me of how far I had come, as I executed another escape into something I’d always wanted to do, but been afraid to take the step – my own business.

The irony of that song? The only reason I was able to start my business on Friday 4 July 2002 was thanks to the best boss I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. I’d told him I wanted to start my own business, but not cold turkey (I am a cautious Capricorn, after all) and managed to negotiate a nine-day fortnight to dip a toe in the water. And so, the adventure of word and web began.

Sixteen years later, 2018 in business has been incredible and it’s such a great feeling. It feels like I’ve finally ‘arrived’ in Melbourne – I’m more a local than a newbie, I’ve gathered a talented and supportive tribe about me and have some runs on the board. I’m calling it ‘business maturity’ – but I must admit, I still love happy dancing around my living room. It won’t be M People anymore, but I can guarantee it will be old school!

Do you remember your first day in business? Email me and tell me all about it!

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